A mission and vision


Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do and how do I want to get there. I say I don’t care~ so long as I get the end result the path doesn’t matter to me. The end result is the health and happiness of the women and children in Burkina Faso. And this would be according to their wants and standards, not what any other nation or society imposes upon them. However, I have to have some sort of plan, so I’ve been thinking about what I will do and how I will get there and came up with the following.

Mission Statement: To produce and sell environmentally friendly artwork that educates on global topics, creates social change, and in turn funds sustainability projects in Burkina Faso.

Vision: My Healing Arts contributes to the attainment of sustainable socioeconomic status, including education, employment, and health, for the women and children of Burkina Faso based on the stated need and desires of the people and in a manner respectful of the culture.


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